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I was in a car crash... Now what?

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Can I use my regular health insurance for medical care related to my car crash?

  • Yes! If you have health insurance, like Premera, Apple Health, Molina, Obamacare, etc., you should use it to pay for hospital, doctor, or specialist appointments.

  • Apple Health (Obamacare, Molina, United Healthcare, Amerigroup, and others) can pay for almost all the care you need after your crash. It will not pay for the chiropractor, but our office will help you get care from the chiropractor.


What is PIP?

  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is something you can pay for with your car insurance.

  • It gives money to pay for up to $10,000 in medical bills. It sometimes pays for your time off work or for you to get help at home while you are hurt.

  • PIP is a part of your car insurance policy. You cannot add PIP after a crash, but it is very good to have in case you are hurt in any collision.


I am injured and missing work, how do I pay my bills?

  • If you are hurt, get a note from your doctor about missing work.

  • If you have PIP, you may get money for the time off work (starting 14 days after the injury).

  • If you do not have PIP, you must wait until the case is finished to get money back for your time off work. It is difficult to wait, but you will get paid in the end.


What is the most important thing for me to do after an accident?

  • Go to the emergency room, urgent care, or doctor as soon as possible.

  • Tell them what happened, what hurts, and what help you need.

  • Do not talk about lawyers, money, or lawsuits. Your doctor helps with your health, but you should not talk about money issues with the doctor.

  • Keep going to your doctors and specialists to show that your injuries still hurt you.

  • Attendance at your doctor visits matters. If you cancel, reschedule as soon as you can.

  • Do not stop treating for your injuries until you feel better and you talk to Attorney Gavin M Simkins about your case.


Who should be in charge of my medical care?

  • After an injury, a Medical Doctor (M.D.) is the best one to take care of you. An M.D. should direct your medical care.

  • Even if you have other providers (hospital, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage), it is important to see your M.D. about your injury.

  • Try to see your M.D. as soon as you can after the crash.

  • See your M.D. once a month if you can after that.

How do I get the most money from this case?

  • Your case is worth money only because you are hurt. Bigger injuries are worth more money in the end.

  • If you do not go to the hospital and doctors, no one knows you are hurt.

  • You get the most money when you show your injuries to the doctors, not just because you were in a big crash.

  • Tell your doctors about your injuries and do what your M.D. says to get better.

  • Be patient – healing takes time. Our law firm will help you make things right. It is your job to get help and take care of your injuries.

  • We order your medical records when you are done with your doctors. The records show that you were hurt in the crash, and you got help for your injuries. This will give you the best results with your case.

  • Please call or text our law firm anytime with any question about your case. Working together, we can get you the best results.


Why does everything take so long?

  • We do everything we can to help you as quickly as possible. We want to help you!

  • The Law Office of Gavin M Simkins works hard to get things done fast, but insurance companies take a long time to call us back and resolve cases.

  • We are waiting just like you.

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